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SSEMF presents outstanding
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2024 Salish Sea Early Music Festival in Colville
~ Period Instrument chamber music from six centuries in Colville and around Washington State ~

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~ Presented in collaboration with Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish ~

  Thursday, June 27 at 7:00 PM in Colville 
JS Bach

Johann Sebastian
Irene Roldán is unfortunately
unable to join us but hopes
to do so soon. Please check
back soon for further information!

Vinson Fund Colville

"Johann Sebastian Bach"  is supported by the City of Colville's Vinson Fund
Enhancing cultural enrichment in Colville and surroundings.

~ Earlier concerts this season ~

Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at 7:00 PM
Vicki Boeckman ~ renaissance recorders
Jeffrey Cohan ~ renaissance flute
Stephen Creswell ~ viola
Anna Marsh ~ renaissance bassoon (dulcian)

Italian Renaissance Canzonas

Immaculate Conception Catholic Parish and the Salish Sea Early Music Festival with support from the Vinson Fund present Renaissance Italian Canzonas with four specialists performing on instruments of the renaissance including Vicki Boeckman on renaissance recorders, Jeffrey Cohan on renaissance transverse flute, Stephen Creswell on viola and Anna Marsh on dulcian, or renaissance bassoon.

The concert will provide an in-depth exploration of the Italian four-part canzona which blossomed in print from 1582 through the early decades of the 1600’s and was inspired by French and Flemish chansons of the early 1500’s. It will trace the development of the canzona from 1529, when commercial music printing was just beginning in Europe, through 1636 at which point more “modern” stylistic forms such as the sonata began to take the place of the canzona, which had bridged the musical styles of the Renaissance and the Baroque. Canzonas by Andrea and Giovanni Cima, Giacomo Biumi, Floriano Canale, Giovanni Buonamente, Florentino Maschera, and others are to be included in the program along with instrumentl renditions of the earlier French and Flemish songs that inspired them. All will be performed on the recorder, transverse flute, viola and renaissance bassoon or dulcian of the 16th century which create a beautiful blend and provide a distinct character to each of the four intertwining musical lines.

This concert only at the Crossroads Event Center
at 145 S. Main Street in Colville:
  Tuesday, April 30, 2024 at 6:00 PM at Crossroads 

 ~ doors open at 5:30 PM ~
Rombouts The Concert 1620

Oleg TImofeyev
 renaissance lute, English guitar
& 7-string guitar (1820)

Jeffrey Cohan
renaissance & baroque flutes
& 8-keyed flute (1820)

17th Century
Nicolas Vallet
Jacob Van Eyck
Girolamo Dalla Casa
18th Century
James Oswald
Francesco Barsanti
Turlough O'Carolan
19th Century
Mauro Giuliani
Louis Drouet
Charles Nicholson

This program, in three parts, opens with settings of Psalms and variations on folk melodies by early 17th-century flutist Jacob Van Eyck, lutenist Nicolas Vallet and others performed on renaissance descant, tenor and bass transverse flutes and lute. Then, baroque flute and the rare but once quite popular wire-strung English Guitar of the 18th century is to be heard performing the folk tunes of Scotland and Ireland as interpreted and varied by the early 18th-century composers Francesco Barsanti, Turlough O'Carolan, James Oswald and others. Finally, an Eastern European 7-string guitar made in 1820 in Russia alongside an eight-keyed flute made in London in the same year bring to life variations on popular tunes by Mauro Giuliani, Louis Drouet, Charles Nicholson and other virtuoso flutists and guitarists of Beethoven’s day.
Timofeyev & Cohan

  MAY 15, 2023 in COLVILLE 
Bellini - nunc dimitus
Giovanni Bellini's Nunc dimittis, or the Song of Simeon,
which is also reflected in Johann Sebastian Bach cantata Ich habe genug

Monday, May 15, 2023 at 7:00 PM
  Maike Albrecht ~ soprano
  Hans-Jurgen Schnoor~ harpsichord
Jeffrey Cohan ~ baroque flute
Soprano Maike Albrecht and harpsichordist Hans-Jürgen Schnoor from Lubeck, Germany join baroque flutist Jeffrey Cohan in Johann Sebastian Bach’s cantata Ich habe genug and other works

The church cantata Ich habe genug ("I am content"), BWV 82 was composed in Leipzig in 1727 for the feast Purification of Mary and is one of the most often performed and recorded of Bach's sacred cantatas. In this cantata, based on the Song of Simeon, Bach projects a feeling of serene contentedness with life and an expression of the experience of body and soul coming to rest and in complete harmony beyond anything that words alone can convey.

Vinson Fund Colville
Supported by the City of Colville's Vinson Fund
Enhancing cultural enrichment in Colville and surroundings

Maike Albrecht Hans-Juergen Schnoor

Jeffrey Cohan, renaissance transverse flutes
Fantasia 11 by Giovanni Bassano (1585)
recorded January 11, 2021

~ updated June 10, 2024 ~
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baroque flute
SSEMF presents outstanding early chamber music
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